Activist Writing and Radical Rhetoric

Tu 6:00PM - 8:50PM / 312 Cathedral of Learning / CRN 30560
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Campbell, Peter Odell
Activist Writing & Radical Rhetoric
2543 30560
Tu 6:00 8:50pm
“Activist Writing and Radical Rhetoric” examines possibilities for the composition of activist scholarship in, among, and against the university and other ideological state institutions. What is the interrelationship among activist writing and radical political expression? How can (and should) activist writing be theorized as a rhetorical form? What are the limits of textual agency for activist scholarship? How can (and should) activist writing be appropriated as scholarly research practice? How might (or can) we define radical praxes for the composition and circulation of anti- statist and establishmentarian writing in and among universities and learned professional associations?
Participants will read and respond to contemporary works in rhetoric and composition studies, Critical Race Theory, prison studies, queer of color critique, legal studies, and poetry (e.g. Karma Chávez, John Keene, Erin Rand, Patricia  Williams) that address these and related questions through the examination of topics including: social movement; literacy; labor organizing; ethnography; counterpublics; abolition; composition pedagogy; multiculturalism; anti-racism. 
The work of this class will function as an introduction to and a critical examination of activist and public writing methods in rhetoric, composition, and related fields. Course assignments will encourage participants to seek commonplace tools for activist writing in their own scholarly, professional, and political lives. Writers across all modes and disciplines are welcome.

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Peter Odell Campbell

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Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements

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