Ethics and Policy in Cyberspace

Mo 12:00PM - 3:00PM / 3600 Wesley W Posvar Hall / CRN 30613

Information technology and the information that it generates has increasingly become part of our daily lives shaping our practices, discourses, and institutions in fundamental ways. Personal information is used by consumers, professionals, and organizations to a variety of ends and in a number of different settings. The growing reliance on personal information not only challenges long standing demarcations between public and private institution in terms of responsibilities, obligations, and limits, but also calls for a reconsideration of how to ensure the protection of information while adhering to information ethics. This course will consider the impact of emerging technologies within existing Constitutional, statutory, and international guidelines and will then explore a range of policy solutions for managing the use of personal information in our public and private sectors.

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Lisa Nelson

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Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements

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