Human Rights: Politics and Practice

Mo 12:00PM - 2:55PM / 3610 Wesley W Posvar Hall / CRN 22980

This course provides students with analytical and policy skills in human rights, using an interdisciplinary approach which addresses human rights in law/policy, politics and society, theory and practice. Human rights skills are increasingly relevant in government and non-government employment, internationally and nationally, and are applicable in any field (e.g. development, political economy, security, politics and public administration, environment). Some of the key questions we seek to answer in this course are: How can international human rights help to solve serious domestic policy problems? What are the obstacles to implementing human rights, and how can they be overcome? How and to what extent do international versus domestic actors shape or control human rights in law? To what extent and in what ways are states today forced to engage with international human rights? How do states, as well as non-state actors such as corporations and individuals, attempt to skirt human rights obligations? What are the mechanisms and processes for enforcement and implementation? How do non-state actors, and others, use human rights to promote justice and to combat harmful state and societal actions?

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Lisa Alfredson

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Category D: Designated Courses

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