International and Global Education


We 4:30PM - 7:10PM / 5201 Wesley W Posvar Hall / CRN 2325

International and Global Education (IGE) as a field of study is quite:
1) vast, because of its interdisciplinary nature and because it focuses on different areas of the world;
2) complicated, because it can be broadly defined and has many working definitions; and
3) contested, because its meanings and practices are the subject of contention among different stakeholders (the government, the education sector, and the business sector).
In this course, we will examine the theory and practices of IGE across different education sectors (Basic Education, Higher Education, and Non-Governmental Organizations) to answer questions related to the role of education in teaching about the world, the rationales behind it, and the practices that support it. While students will examine a variety of materials and will be exposed to multiple points of view, the goal is to engage them in critical and respectful deliberations to help them develop their own voice in this field.
From the one-room schoolhouse to the Khan Academy, from classrooms to service learning projects, from music and food festivals to university international partnerships, from student exchanges to national education reform policies, we will explore the trends in thinking about international and global educational reform. Specifically, we will focus on:
• The implications of the process of globalization for education
• The main concepts, ideas, and key players of the field of international and global education
• The main existing programs in, curricular frameworks for, and classroom practices of international and global education
• The main challenges to this field and its practices and future directions
While the emphasis will be on the practice of IGE in the U.S., international experiences will be used when possible in order to illustrate how these issues are dealt with in diverse contexts.


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Maureen W. McClure

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