Performance Studies: Contemporary Approaches to Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Theatre Performance

CRN 28418 / Mo 3:00PM - 5:30PM / 1627 Cathedral of Learning

In “Contemporary Approaches to Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Theatre Performance,” we will examine how scholars and artists across disciplines approach, analyze, and narrate histories and practices of Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx theatre and performance. Our time period will range from pre-contact to the current moment. We will grapple with established as well as new research centered on ecology, gender and sexuality, human rights, empire, violence, and peace, with particular emphases on methodologies and theoretical interventions that intersect with hemispheric and trans-oceanic studies, global studies, American studies, indigenous studies, decolonial theory, and decolonization. Thus, while our geographical focus is delimited, the historical, analytical, and theoretical methodologies of the research are move-able to other times and spaces. We will focus on theatre history and performance studies, necessarily contending with other disciplines, as well, including anthropology, visual studies, art and architecture, and political science. Possible authors to consider: Zien, Guterman, Mundy, Cabranes-Grant, Kohn, Ybarra, Lane, Scolieri, Tortorici, and others. Research may be carried out in English, Spanish, Portuguese or indigenous languages. Papers and presentations may be given in Spanish or English, or bilingually.

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Lisa Jackson-Schebetta

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Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises

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