Topics in Social Movements: Globalization and Social Movements

We 2:00PM - 4:30PM / 2800 Wesley W Posvar Hall / CRN 29772

Globalization has impacted many dimensions of social life, and it is linked to new types of conflicts and inequality that affect democracy and political participation in every country of the world. This course examines the driving forces behind globalization --particularly its economic and institutional dimensions-- and we consider how these changes affect contemporary social conflicts and movements, including their discourses and cultural elements. Even locally based movements are shaped by global forces, and we will explore how sociology can help us situate local cases within this world-historical context. We consider how the contemporary capitalist system affects peoples’ livelihoods and shapes the prospects for less powerful interests to challenge the status quo. Readings will cover both important theoretical and methodological issues in the study of social movements while exploring a range of themes such as the operation of networks and coalitions, oppositional cultures, indigenous and decolonial movements, and expansion of urbanization and urban based movements.

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Jackie Smith

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Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises

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