CLST Fellowships Awarded to Sam Allen (COMMRC) and Maria Lis Baiocchi (ANTH)

The 2018 CLST Fellowship Committee consisting of Lisa Brush (SOC, Chair), Jacques Bromberg (CLAS), Nicole Constable (ANTH), Randall Halle (GRM & FLMSTD), Lester Olson (COMMRC), and Lisa Parker (BIOETH, who witdrew from service at a late date), awarded full-year nonteaching fellowships to Sam Allen (COMMRC) and Maria Lis Baiocchi (ANTH).  Allen's topic is "Comparative Enfreakment: Rhetorical History of the Lives of Conjoined Twins,” and Baiocchi's,  “Becoming Workers: Labor Laws and Domestic Worker’s Struggles in Buenos Aires, Argentina.” They were in a field of twenty highly competitive applications.