CLST Fellowships Awarded to Tyler Brunette (COMMRC) and Kiun Hwang (SLAV)

The 2017 CLST Fellowship Committee consisting of Susan Andrade ENG (Chair), Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski FRIT, Laura Brown ANTH, Irina Livezeanu HIST, Brent Malin COMMRC, Scott Kiesling LING along with the nonvoting Director, Ron Zboray (COMMRC), awarded full-year nonteaching fellowships for to Tyler Brunette (COMMRC) and Hwang Kiun (SLAV).  Brunette is exploring mediated refractions of a much-overlooked area of late twentieth-century social change in the United States: the end of the free-range, minimally supervised child, while Hwang is investigating transformations in modern St. Petersburg’s urban landscape and representations, with a focus on how the phenomena reflect a search for a new post-Soviet identity. They were in a field of eighteen highly competitive applications.