About the Cultural Studies Program

The Graduate Program for Cultural Studies (CLST) provides the University of Pittsburgh with a vibrant intellectual center for interdisciplinary cultural critique and analysis.  Through its two graduate certificate programs (MA and PhD), course offerings, common seminar and colloquium, graduate student fellowships, dissertation writers' colloquium, dissertation prize, incoming graduate student meet-and-greet, open house, professional workshops, distinguished guest lecture, major annual or biennial conference, and its co-sponorship of dozens of talks and forums, CLST fosters the intensive study of cultural formations, past and present, from around the world.

One of the oldest and, with nearly eighty course offerings annually, most extensive cultural studies programs in the US, CLST serves as a site where 183 faculty members and 77 enrolled graduate certificate students from twenty-four of Pitt's departments and schools exchange ideas about studying culture, beyond national boundaries and disciplinary divisions.  CLST, in short, stands as an institutional forum for responding to the increasingly global need to engage, through interdisciplinary and postdisciplinary lenses, the problematics of culture.

The program's current director is Ronald J. Zboray, Professor of Communication, and affiliate faculty member in Cultural Studies, Global Studies, and Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies.

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Ron and Mary Zboray completing Volume 5 of the Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, US to 1860

Director Ron Zboray and Communication Visiting Scholar Mary Saracino Zboray are putting the finishing touches on their Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, volume 5, US Print Culture to 1860, due out next year from OUP-UK.  The volume aims...

Spring 2017-2018 Common Seminar Theme Announced: Uneven Development and Cultural Production, to be Taught by Professor Susan Z. Andrade (English)

Susan Z. Andrade, Associate Professor of English, has been selected as this year’s Common Seminar instructor.  Her theme will be “Uneven Development and Cultural Production,” framed by World Syst...

CLST Fellowships Awarded to Tyler Brunette (COMMRC) and Kiun Hwang (SLAV)

The 2017 CLST Fellowship Committee consisting of Susan Andrade ENG (Chair), Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski FRIT, Laura Brown ANTH, Irina Livezeanu HIST, Brent Malin COMMRC, Scott Kiesling LING along with the nonvoting Director, Ron Zboray (COMMRC), awarded full-yea...