Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor
COMMRC 2220 — Readings in Critical Theory: Power/Knowledge Olga Kuchinskaya
ENGFLM 2452 — Film History/Theory 2 Robert Clift
FR 2705 — Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory Neil Doshi
HAA 2008 — Constellations of Art History: Agency Kirk Savage
HIST 2130 — Gender, Sexuality, and Masculinity in Historical Perspective Irina Livezeanu
MUSIC 2047 — Women & Music: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Yoko Suzuki
RUS 2306 — Dostoevsky: The Major Novels Vladimir Padunov
SOC 2101 — Classical Theory Mark Paterson
SPAN 2465 — Seminar in 20th C. Topics: Bridging Poetry and Theory Aurea Maria Sotomayor
SPAN 2705 — Seminar: Literary Criticism: Genetic Criticism Daniel Balderston
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor
ADMPS 2343 — Education and Culture Maureen Porter
ANTH 2750 — Contemporary Anthropological Theory Gabriella Lukacs
BIOETH 2658 — Philosophy of Medicine John Lyne
COMMRC 3326 — Seminar in Media Studies: Television Studies Brenton J. Malin
ENGFLM 2695 — Horror Film Adam Lowenstein
ENGLIT 2543 — Activist Writing and Radical Rhetoric Peter Odell Campbell
ENGLIT 2101 — Medieval Imagination Ryan McDermott
FR 2102 — Medieval Bodies Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski
HAA 2025 — History and Ethics of Collecting Shirin Asgharzadeh-Fozi Jones
HIST 2025 — Teaching World History Diego Holstein
ITAL 2315 — Renaissance Humanism James Coleman
LIS 2186 — Information Policy Stacy Wood
LIS 2970 — Special Topics: Information Services in Culturally Diverse Communities Stacy Wood
PIA 2156 — Ethics and Policy in Cyberspace Lisa Nelson
THEA 2216 — Advanced Theory and Methodology: Performance Historiography Michelle Granshaw
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor
ADMPS / EDU 3003 — Theories of Educational Inequality Sean Kelly
ENGLIT 2136 — Literature, Media, and Science in the Age of Shakespeare Jeff Aziz
GSWS 2240 — Intersectionality Today Melanie Hughes
HPS 2522 — Women in (and Out) of Science Paolo Palmieri
PIA 2129 — Law and Civil Security Lisa Nelson
PS 2307 — Ethnic Politics and Conflict in Comparative Perspective Laura B. Paler
PS 2675 — Human Rights: Politics of Human Rights Michael Goodhart
RUSS 2474 — Neoliberalism and Cultural Production Nancy Condee
SOC 3398 — Topics in Social Movements: Globalization and Social Movements Jackie Smith
SPAN 2410 — Discovery and Conquest Gonzalo Lamana
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor
ADMPS 2106 — International and Global Education Maureen W. McClure
CLST 2006 — Introduction to Public Humanities Daniel Kubis
ENGLIT 2002 — Interdisciplinary Methods in the Humanities Shalini Puri
ENGLIT 2544 — Rhetoric, Knowledge Production, and Professional Craft Elizabeth Pitts
ENGLIT 2608 — Genres and Genre Theory Jennifer Waldron
ENGLIT 2825 — Digital Humanities Approaches to Textual Objects Matthew Lavin
GSWS 2252 — Theories of Gender and Sexuality Julie Beaulieu
HIST 2500 — Latin American Readings Reid Andrews
LIS 2633 — Technology in the Lives of Children and Youth Leanne Bowler
LIS 3600 — The Digital and the Humanities Alison Langmead
PIA 2507 — Human Rights: Politics and Practice Lisa Alfredson
PIA 2551 — Gender and Development Mihriban Muge Finkel
PS 2200 — American Government and Politics Kristin Kanthak
PUBHLT 2018 — Overview of LGBT Health Disparities Anthony Silvestre, Nina Markovic, Ronald Stall