Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor(s)
ANTH 2782 — Semiotic Anthropology Laura Brown
EDUC 3045 — Critical Race Theory in Education Dana Thompson Dorsey
ENGFLM 2494 — Key Concepts in New Media Jinying Li
ENGLIT 2020 — Scale Zachary Horton
FR 2648 — 20th-C Topics: 1968-2018: Theories of Practice Giuseppina Mecchia
GSWS 2252 — Theories of Gender and Sexuality Nancy Glazener
MUSIC 2611 — Musicology Seminar Olivia Bloechl
PHIL 2075 — Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Plato's Republic Jessica Gelber
RUSS 2704 — The Absurd Tony Lin
SOC 2036 — Body and Society: Fragile Bodies Mark Paterson
SOC 2203 — Qualitative Methods Dana Moss
SPAN 2465 — 20th C. Topics: Borges and Argentine Literature Daniel Balderston
SPAN 29703 — Readings in Critical Theory: Marxist Literary and Cultural Criticism John Beverly
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor(s)
ADMPS 2305 — Sociology of Education Sean Kelly
BIOETH 2665 — Bioethics Lisa Parker
FR 2648 — Contemporary French Cinema: Universalism and its Others David Pettersen
FR 2715 — Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory: Theories of the Global John P. Walsh
HAA 2184 — Art in the Third Reich Barbara McCloskey
HIST 2699 — Power and Inequality in American History Marcus Rediker
HIST 2729 — Seas, Peoples, and Empires Pernille Roege
HPS 2522 — Special Topics in History of Science: Early Modern Natural Philosophies Paolo Palmieri
LAW 5082 — Climate Change and the Law Jennifer Smokelin
LIS 2674 — Preserving Digital Culture Alison Langmead
MUSIC 2396 — Music and Society: Music and Queer Identity James Cassaro
RUSS 2640 — Post-Soviet Russian Cinema Vladimir Padunov
THEA 2022 — Race and Gender in Contemporary Criticism: Problems in Shakespeare Studies Sara B.T. Thiel
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor(s)
ADMPS 2353 — Applied Anthropology: Culturally-responsive pedagogies in educational programs and policies around the world Maureen Porter
ANTH 2782 — Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Global Intimacies: Sex, Marriage, and Reproductive Labors Nicole Constable
COMMRC 3314 — Seminar in Public Argument: Populism, Liberalism, Rhetoric Paul Elliott Johnson
HAA 2200 — Special Topics in Medieval Art: Cross-cultural Aesthetics in Premodern Europe Shirin Fozi
HIST 2505 — Race, Gender, and Violence in Latin American History Laura Gotkowitz
PIA 2307 — Human Security Lisa Alfredson
PIA 2380 — Human Trafficking Luke Condra
PIA 2430 — Ethnic Politics Luke Condra
SOC 3398 — Topics in Social Movements: Social Movement Communities and Coalitions Suzanne Staggenborg
SPAN 2464 — Latin American 20th C Topics: Latin American Orientalisms Junyoung Veronica Kim
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor(s)
ADMPS 2359 — Gender, Education, and Development Maureen Porter
ADMPS 3343 — Comparative Education Maureen W. McClure
ANTH 2490 — Linguistic Anthropology Core Course Laura Brown
COMMRC 3306 — Seminar in Rhetoric & Culture: Curating, Mapping, Inventing David Marshall
ENGFLM 2451 — Film History/Theory 1 Adam Lowenstein
ENGLIT 2542 — Rhetorical Gestures Cory Holding
ENGLIT 2800 — Children’s Literature: The Impossibility of Children’s Literature, or, the Legacy of Jacqueline Rose Tyler Bickford
GSWS 2270 — Queer Theories Todd Reeser
HAA 2401 — Special Topics (Contemporary): Contemporary Art on/and Display Jennifer Josten
HAA 2641 — Chinese Contemporary Art Minglu Gao
LAW 5089 — Public Health Law Elizabeth Van Nostrand
LAW 5339 — Law of Disability Discrimination Joseph Hornack
LING 2761 — Discourse Analysis Scott Kiesling
PIA 2125 — City and Region in Theory and Practice Marcela Gonzalez Rivas
PIA 2526 — NGOs, Civil Society, & Development Paul Nelson
PUBHLT 2020 — Advanced Topics in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Research James Egan and Ronald Stall
THEA 2216 — Advanced Theory and Methodology: Transnational Performance in the Long Nineteenth-Century Michelle Granshaw
Common Seminar
Course Instructor(s)
CLST 2050 — Common Seminar: Cultural Production and Uneven Development Susan Z. Andrade