Careful academic advising is essential for students wanting to get the most out of CLST, especially to devise a truly complementary relationship between the broader interests of the program and the more focused ones of the home discipline. Moreover, students can hardly be expected to know who among the 183 CLST faculty members can most benefit them or what types of the fifty courses the program can be useful.

On the front lines of advising is the CLST Liaison elected annually in each affiliated department. The Liaison’s primary advisory role is to help certificate students coordinate their program’s specific departmental course requirements with the CLST ones, especially involving crosslisted departmental courses. Each Liaison serves a one-year term that begins on each October 15, just before the Spring Semester enrollment period begins.

The current departmental liaisons are:

  1. Anthropology, Nicole Constable
  2. Bioethics, John Lyne
  3. Classics, Jacques Bromberg
  4. Communication, Lester Olson
  5. English, Nancy Glazener
  6. French and Italian, Neil Doshi
  7. German, John Lyon
  8. History of Art and Architecture, Drew Armstrong
  9. Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Aurea Maria Sotomayor
  10. History, Reid Andrews
  11. History and Philosophy of Science, Paolo Palmieri
  12. Law, Joseph Hornack
  13. Linguistics, Shelome Gooden
  14. Music, Andrew Weintraub
  15. Philosophy, John McDowell
  16. Political Science, Kristin Kanthak
  17. Public Health, Anthony Silvestre
  18. Public and International Affairs, Sabina Dietrick
  19. Religious Studies, Paula Kane
  20. School of Information Science, Alison Langmead
  21. School of Education, Sean Kelly
  22. School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Jonathon Erlen
  23. School of Social Work, Sara Goodkind
  24. Slavic Languages and Literatures, Nancy Condee
  25. Sociology, Mohammed Bamyeh
  26. Theatre, Michelle Granshaw

For further information about specific CLST requirements, both students and Liaisons can contact CLST staff member Briar Somerville  ( or at 412.624.6564) or see her in office in Cathedral of Learning 454.

For broader guidance about CLST faculty expertise, course selection outside home departments, and career development, students can contact CLST Director Ron Zboray ( or 412-624-6969, either to communicate long distance or to schedule an advising appointment). His office in 401c Cathedral of Learning.  The Director is also the final decision-maker in administering CLST program policies affecting students.